My Personal Ambition and Life Story


My Personal Mission
Enjoy the freedom to develop and share knowledge, especially if this can mean something in the life of others.

My Personal Vision
To live life completely, honestly, and compassionately and to serve the needs of mankind to the best of my ability. I want to realize this in the following way:
• Enjoy physical and mental health
• Passionate and compassionate to inspire others, earn their respect, and always serve out of love
• Energize innovative organizations where human spirit thrives and which model the best practices in business performance and personal integrity
• Experience enjoyment in my work by being full of initiative, accepting challenges continuously, and to keep on learning
• Achieve financial security

My Personal Key Roles
In order to achieve my vision, the following key roles have top priority:
Spouse: My wife is the most important person in my life
Father: Guide my sons on the road to independence
Coach: Love to serve learning individuals and innovative organizations to unlock their potential
Student: Learn something new every day and always be a scholar

My Personal Brand Statement
Linking Human Capital to Business Success; Passionate and compassionate to inspire learning individuals to unlock their potential and dedicated to energize innovative organizations within the service and manufacturing industry. Using my holistic insight and innovative performance branding principles, I promise to help my customers to realize their dreams.

My Life Story

I was born in Suriname (a former Dutch Colony in South America) in 1957. My father worked as policeman and had little money to raise 10 children (I am number 7). We were living in a very old house in Paramaribo, almost in poverty. Life was quite hard and we lived from week to week. So my parents decided to migrate to the Netherlands in 1971 in order to create better learning opportunities for us. They used all their savings to finance this migration. I was 12 years old when we moved to the Netherlands. At that time, I had a dream to make people happy, serve the needs of mankind, and help create a better world. This was my higher calling, my inner assignment. I remember this. I looked up at factories and buildings and said, “I want to make the people that go to those factories and buildings live a happy life”. I was also very eager to learn and I knew that life is short, so I chose to work hard and to grasp every opportunity to educate myself and to make my parents proud of me and not to disappoint them.

I decided to study Mechanical Engineering at Enschede Polytechnic Institute, where I got my Bachelor of Science degree. After this, I received a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering & Robotics from Delft University of Technology, and a Ph.D. in Management from Eindhoven University of Technology. I was the first person at this university who got his doctorate within 2 years.  My dissertation was published by John Wiley, Inc. in the United States. I was also the first person among my family, friends and relatives to receive these advanced degrees.

During this time, I married and had two sons.  In order to support my growing family and pay for tuition, I worked in the evenings and during the weekends as a labourer in factories.  While doing this, I noticed that many employees were unhappy.  I also noticed that executives contributed to this unhappiness by their disrespectful and often unethical behavior towards their employees. These practices certainly harmed the productivity of their organization.  In 1987, I had my first consulting job in the high-tech industry and taught part-time at the Rotterdam School of Management, focusing on developing innovative personal and business management techniques. After 5 years, I started my own consulting firm serving industrial companies. I also became author of 4 Dutch books and 50 articles in the field of technology and reengineering business processes within factories.

 In 2001, I started thinking about people in a more holistic way; about what would make them engaged and more happy at work, as well as, in their private life and spare time, about how to create work-life balance, how to reduce the gap between company life and private life, how to create more enjoyment, love, happiness, and passion at work, how to help executives act in a more ethical manner, how to create a climate of trust and real learning, and how to eliminate fear and distrust. I wanted to turn my experience and passion into something greater – to humanize companies and to stimulate love, passion, and happiness in organizations. In doing all of this, I knew that greater productivity would then emerge. During this time of inner reflection, I developed my own spirituality – something had changed within me. I discovered that my higher calling was to help people live a higher quality of life by developing their knowledge of themselves and sharing this with others.  

During this time, I reformulated my dream into this vision” To live life completely, honestly, and compassionately and to serve the needs of mankind to the best of my ability” and this related mission “Enjoy the freedom to develop and share knowledge, especially if this can mean something in the life of others”. Based on my vision and mission, I wrote 12 books that are translated in various languages in the mean time, and more than 100 articles in leading journals and magazines. My book Total Performance Scorecard (TPS); Redefining Management to Achieve Performance with Integrity” was published by Butterworth-Heinemann in the US in 2003.  I realized that I wrote the book in order to help humanize companies, to stimulate personal integrity, to enable greater enjoyment and happiness at work, to tackle lack of employee engagement, to develop a happy workforce of committed employees and managers, and to reinforce honesty and trustworthiness in the workplace. My TPS book has received praise from professors at top universities, such as Harvard Business School, Yale School of Management, MIT, University of Michigan, INSEAD, ESADE, IMD, and London Business School

TPS became my first international best selling book and was translated in 22 languages, which changed my life forever. Based on this success, I began to build an international Total Performance Scorecard movement/network in 2004, which has resulted in strategic alliances in many countries. Padmakumar Nair (professor in Organization, Strategy and International Management at the University of Texas School of Management) said the following about this in 2004: “I am amazed with the fact that the Total Performance Scorecard concept is spreading like gospel. Dr. Hubert Rampersad’s innovative and pragmatic approach to combine organizational and personal performance agendas into one line of thinking helps organizational participants to come up with tangible solutions to current performance and leadership issues”. I started to conduct workshops, seminars, and presentations based on TPS for leading companies such as  Nokia, Philips Electronics, Lucent Technologies, and Shell Oil Company and became keynote speaker at numerous conferences. 

Feeling the desire to introduce the TPS process into the United States, in 2006, I decided to move with my family to America in order to establish TPS International Inc. and to launch my new business management concept globally. In the same period I published Managing Total Quality; Enhancing Personal and Company Value (Tata McGraw-Hill). I also published “Personal Balanced Scorecard; The Way to Individual Happiness, Personal Integrity and Organizational Effectiveness” (Information Age Publishing Inc., USA, 2006) which now has been translated in 20 languages. My related article was awarded in the UK with “The most outstanding paper”. Our related Personal Balanced Scorecard Certified Coaching program has been certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world’s largest coaching organization.

The title of my other new books are “TPS-Lean Six Sigma; Linking Human Capital to Lean Six Sigma” (Information Age Publishing Inc., USA, 2007), “Authentic Personal Branding:  A new blueprint for building and aligning a powerful leadership brand” (Information Age Publishing Inc., USA, 2009) and “Be The CEO of Your Life: The Ultimate Authentic Personal Branding Formula for Standing Out from the Crowd (Global Vision Publication House, New Delhi, 2009; LID Editorial Empresarial,  Madrid/Mexico City, 2009) , which also have been published globally in many languages.  I worked through the MIT Leadership Center (MIT Sloan) in teaching a workshop to MBA students as part of the Sloan Innovation Period. I am also a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the journal Training and Management Development Methods (UK), member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the journal Measuring Business Excellence (UK), member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the TQM Magazine (UK), member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Knowledge Management Practice in Canada, and editorial advisor to Singapore Management Review and also a member of Marshall Goldsmith’s prestigious Thought Leader Advisory Board and selected by The Marshall Goldsmith School of Management as one of the 35 distinguished thought leaders in the United States in the field of leadership development. My views on happiness in work-life and on personal branding were published in Fortune Magazine and BusinessWeek 1, BusinessWeek 2 . My professional profile can be viewed on LinkedIn.

Most of my publications are related to employee engagement and how to create love, passion, and happiness within companies. Total Performance Scorecard, Personal Balanced Scorecard, Authentic Personal Branding, TPS-Lean Six Sigma, and Authentic Personal Branding are now worldwide registered trademarks. Due to this, with strategic alliances in more than 80 countries, conducting keynote speeches and seminars almost bi-weekly somewhere in the world, and coaching executives in many countries about how to master themselves and to become more ethical and effective.   I am also hon. professor at Ural State University in Russia. My Personal Brand evolved organically into something I had not anticipated, namely a crusader for employee’s and company’s happiness and empowerment. 

I am living happily with my wife and my two sons in Miami, Florida. My success is based on my higher calling, and my authentic dream in life. I was aware of my Personal Ambition and my Personal Brand and responded to these with love and passion. I had the courage to pursue my dream, have faith in myself, and live according to this dream and my higher calling. I took responsibility for identifying my authentic dream, genius, and brand, and to keep it at the forefront of my mind each day. I knew very clearly what I wanted, asked for it, wished it, dreamed it, formulated it in my Personal Ambition, Personal Brand, and Personal BSC, fixed it in my mind, visualized it, felt it, allowed it, enjoyed it, accepted my responsibility for everything in my life, determined what to give in return, and gave it all my positive energy. I hope you will do the same.


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