Human Performance Scorecard

A New Humanized Balanced Scorecard Blueprint for Creating High Performance Companies in a Sustainable Way

Learn How to Strengthen the Traditional Balanced Scorecard with the Personal Balanced Scorecard and Total Performance Scorecard to Enhance Personal Performance, Organizational performance and Employee Engagement.

Learn Why Traditional Balanced Scorecard Implementations Fail and Lack Sustainability

BANNER 7We bring you a ground breaking workshop with Dr. Rampersad that is traveling the world to provide an implementable solution for bringing together personal and organizational objectives. Whatever an organization’s objectives are, it depends wholly on its people to implement and define the quality and sincerity of its vision, mission and values. If those are not aligned, implementation will fail, productivity and performance will not reach target, and many improvement plans will be short term and cosmetic.

In this workshop, he explains how anyone can apply principles of motivational alignment and individualistic scorecard techniques to engineer an organization for increased staff engagement, continuous learning and improved individual and overall performance.

tps-book-usDr. Rampersad has developed a sustainable Human Performance Scorecard method which he published in his bestselling book ”Total Performance Scorecard; Redefining Management to Achieve Performance with Integrity” , with a Foreword by Professor Dorothy Leonard from Harvard Business School (Butterworth-Heinemann Business Books, Elsevier Science, Massachusetts, May 2003).


“Hubert Rampersad takes the balanced scorecard and other management ideas and puts them in a framework of personal integrity. By unifying organizational change strategies with individual ethics he has written an outstanding synthesis, which is addressed to the corporate challenges of managing in the 21st century.”—Paul Bracken, Professor of Management, Yale School of Management

“Hubert Rampersad’s Total Performance Scorecard is management technology for the enlightened age. Rampersad beautifully explains how anyone can apply principles of motivational alignment and individualistic scorecard techniques to engineer an organization for continuous learning.”—Dr. James O’Toole, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Total Performance Scorecard is a thorough, systematic, and integrated approach to individual and organization success. It synthesizes and extends personal, leadership, and organization theories of change and success. It offers managers tools to do a complete physical for their organization and it offers individuals an encyclopedia of knowledge about personal success.” —Dave Ulrich, Professor of Business, University of Michigan.

“For organizational leaders looking to achieve outstanding results through the Balanced Scorecard, this book by Dr. Hubert Rampersad is essential reading. Through his exceptional framework of the Total Performance Scorecard (TPS), Dr. Rampersad takes the ideas of the Balanced Scorecard to even greater heights. His system creates a completely new vision for bringing individual, team and organizational performance to higher levels, through a comprehensive set of tools that can easily be applied to a broad range of organizational systems. The TPS goes beyond individual behavior to the more challenging goal of measuring and then changing organizational processes that limit and even impede individual performance. In this sense, it goes to the heart of a learning organization in which measuring systems facilitate the personal development of employees.

Peter Senge broke the mindset barrier and showed how systems thinking and system change are essential to support individual development. The strength of TPS, however, is that it measures personal development in the context of organizational development. This highly interactive process creates the foundation for dynamic change where everyone can benefit from constant learning and improvement. Dr. Rampersad’s brilliance lies in bringing Peter Senge’s ideas of system symbiosis into alignment with ideas of personal ambition, vision and mission. When leaders can accurately measure true performance – low, average or outstanding – it is possible for the ideal to become a reality. ”.–George A. Kohlrieser, Professor of Leadership & Organizational Behavior IMD, Switzerland

“The United States Air Force is trying to become more accountable for performance using the Balanced Scorecard method, but I like the way Dr. Hubert Rampersad has tied the BSC to a Personal Balanced Scorecard. It’s almost like Kaplan & Norton meet Stephen Covey”- Bob Marx, United States Air Force

Successful companies are High Performance Systems, something that is true today even more than ever. A condition to make these levels of High Performance possible is the alignment of personal and organizational targets and interests, irrespective of company levels or sectors. The Total Performance Scorecard (TPS) is a new management instrument that introduces this alignment and creates value based, ethical acting on a sustainable foundation. Dr. Hubert Rampersad has achieved a large and very important jump forward with the presentation of this concept”. Professor Dr. Kuno Rechkemmer, Director DaimlerChrysler, Germany


Total Performance Scorecard (TPS) is a humanized Balanced Scorecard method that has been implemented successfully in many companies all over the world. This is an “inside out” approach that uses the essence of individual identity as a starting point to achieve sustainable organizational change and allow personal and corporate ambitions to be perfectly aligned. With TPS you will create an atmosphere of open communication and free of fear, where compromise, loyalty and smart work are part of the organization and where your employees will work motivated towards personal and corporate success. This executive workshop is about how to use TPS as a tool to assure that your company meets world class standards and to support those who wish to combine profitability with social investment to guarantee their businesses’ sustainable success.

Remember this: You will not make your customers happy if your employees are not happy and you will not make the shareholders happy if your customers are not happy. A study by Harvard Business School found that companies that focus more on employees, show four times the growth rate and eight times the employment growth of those companies that only focused on increasing the wealth of their shareholders.

We trust you will join us in this World-Class event, and become empowered to manage the challenges facing 21st Century organizations.

pbsc bookThis training is based on Dr. Rampersad’s bestselling books ”Total Performance Scorecard; Redefining Management to Achieve Performance with Integrity and “Personal Balanced Scorecard: The Way to Individual Happiness, Personal Integrity, and Organizational Effectiveness“, which have been published in many languages.

Who will benefit from this event?

  • Corporate CEO’s, Presidents, VPs of both the private and public sectors
  • All levels of functional management responsible for organizational strategy, performance and effectiveness as well as strategic competitive advantage
  • Project Managers and change agents
  • Management consultants and coaches
  • Human Resource Executives
  • EmployeesBy the end of this workshop you will know how to:

Our guarantee to you :

  • Implement the Human Performance Scorecard effectively
  • Work in a more result oriented way with the Balanced Scorecard
  • Change your organization effectively and generate sustained team learning
  • Improve customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction
  • Develop teamwork and change the organizational culture in a holistic way
  • Increase personal effectiveness and higher employee engagement
  • Spur maximum personal growth in your employees
  • Improved employee performance and bring about the maximum personal development of employees through effective talent development
  • Increased personal responsibility and improved personal integrity
  • Reduce costs and waste, and enhance labour productivity
  • Stimulate greater enjoyment and commitment at work
  • work smarter, achieve breakthrough performance and enjoy work more


  • Fundamentals and Concepts of the Corporate Balanced Scorecard, Total Performance Scorecard and Personal Balanced Scorecard
  • Continuous personal improvement based on the Personal Balanced Scorecard
  • Coporate Balanced Scorecard
  • Aligning Personal and Corporate Balanced Scorecard
  • Rollout of the Balanced Scorecard on all organizational levels
  • Effective Talent Management
  • Managing Change effectively
  • Closing

 Program components:

  • How to win competition?
  • How to stay on the winning edge?
  • What is the secret of sustainable growth and success?
  • Personal leadership development based on the Personal Balanced Scorecard
  • How to create an atmosphere of trust, commitment, teamwork, creativity, and learning
  • Personal effectiveness and employee engagement
  • Working smarter and result oriented
  • Employee performance and effective talent management
  • Personal responsibility and personal integrity
  • Enjoyment and inner involvement (commitment) at work

You have an opportunity to learn about new management concepts from a leading international business expert. He will discuss best practices of global companies and how to be successful under economic uncertainty and growing competition.

You will learn how your company can enhance workforce productivity to meet world class standards, based on satisfied workers. Satisfied workers:

  • Are more productive.
  • Have fewer avoidable absences.
  • Are less likely to quit.
  • Are more committed.
  • Increase customer satisfaction, because they:
  1. provide better customer service.
  2. are more friendly, pro-active and responsive.
  3. are less likely to turnover, which helps build long-term customer relationships.

????????????????????????????????????????Dr. Rampersad’s performance management system energizes employees and stimulates engagement, commitment, and passion within the organization. In this way they work smarter and focus on activities that create value for clients.

Research published in Harvard Business Review calculated that every 5 point change in employee satisfaction scores caused a 1.3 point change in customer satisfaction scores !

Duration of the program: 1 day, 2 days or 3 days

Training Fee: Email us at for information about fee, dates and location. Fee includes seminar documentation, signed copy of Dr. Rampersad’s book and certificate of attendance from the Innovation University of Silicon Valley in California.

In-house: This practical workshop can be conducted in-house. We tailor the training according to your needs and requirements.

Follow up: This master class entails 3 CREDITS POINTS for enrollment in our MBA/PhD degree program.

Outcomes When Implementing

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