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Get Your Project Management Book Published in the USA and earn a US recognized BSc/MSc/MBA/DBA/PhD degree in Project Management

Many competent program and project managers with great innovative ideas are struggling to get their own innovative project management book published in the USA, because they are too busy, don’t have good connections with US-publishers or their book concept is not authentic/holistic enough to get accepted by American publishers.

Many large scale project executions fail because of the non-holistic, non-authentic and non-sustainable project management approaches introduced by Project Management Institute (PMI) and other leading project management bodies. According to the Cranfield School of Management in the UK, 68% of projects are destined for failure. Read also Why some management and leadership concepts from Harvard Business School fail” . Business society needs a more authentic, agile, ethical, organic, humanized and holistic project management system to enhance the project performance in a sustainable way. We are therefore pleased to help you to strengthen your project management concept and get your own innovative project management book published in the USA and in many other countries and languages (as sole author).

We are ready to help innovative project leaders and managers to strengthen their own project management concept and get it published as e-book or hardcopy book in the USA. They can also earn a US recognized BSc/MSc/MBA/DBA/PhD degree in Project Management (recognized by the Department of Education in America, USA).

BANNER 4Our book project team, led by Harvard Business School endorsed best-selling author and MIT Sloan guest professor dr. Hubert Rampersad, has inspired many executives and professionals globally to become a best-selling author in strategic project management, innovation excellence, global leadership, innovative entrepreneurship, change my booksmanagement, performance management, corporate governance, quality management, coaching, innovation management, engineering,… by helping them strengthen and publish their book in the USA within 3 months. Tons of examples are available on request.

Your Book Publisher in the USA

The publisher is IUF University Press in Silicon Valley, California, USA. Some books published by IUF iuf-university-pressUniversity Press: Authentic Personal Branding for Real Estate Agents and Authentic Governance For Banks.  Your e-book will be availably on Amazon.con with an American ISBN number. The fee for the publication of your e-book is $2500 usd. The process takes max 3 weeks after submission of your manuscript.

Your BSc/MSc/MBA/DBA/Ph.D. in Project Management

Your new book can be considered as part of your BSc/MSc/MBA/DBA/Ph.D. study at the Technological University of the Americas (TUA) in South America (

dorothy leonardOur book project team

Our book project team is led by dr. Hubert Rampersad, who is a Harvard Business School endorsed best-selling author of 20 books and former MIT Sloan guest professor. He has a passion for inspiring professors, leaders, executives, project managers, coaches and senior consultants to strengthen their management and leadership concept (by making it more Saudisustainable and helping them to get their manuscript published globally in many languages. His best selling management and entrepreneurial leadership books have been published in 20 languagesEnglish, Spanish, Brazilian, Russian, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Polish, FinnishDutch …. Your new book will be introduced to these publishers as well. His best selling Total Performance Scorecard book was foreworded by Harvard Business School Innovation Professor Dorothy Leonard.


Dr. Rampersad has inspired many others to become a best-selling author. Some examples we may disclose: He co-authored a book with Dr. Rudy Garrity, Founder/CEO at American Learnership Forum, Inc. from Washington DC , Saleh Hussain from Bahrain, Customer Centricity book for executive in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, and Dr. Anwar El-Homsi from New York, which have been published globally. The  management book for the Dutch entrepreneur Roger Lenssen  is doing well in the Netherlands. Sometimes he acts as co-author if needed. 

lenovo--Check also his latest Chinese best selling book with Zhang Tong “Find the blue ocean in you; practical strategy to personal branding”  forworded by Yang Yuanqing, the chairman and CEO of Lenovo, the world’s largest maker of personal computers.

cover in pptDr. Rampersad is proficient in coaching, global leadership, innovative entrepreneurship, innovation management, branding, governance, project management, change management, engineering and engineering disciplines and is a holistic out of the box thinker. Check also his new book: Authentic Personal Brand Coaching; Entrepreneurial Leadership Brand Coaching for Sustainable High Performance.

BANNER 6Dr. Rampersad has a BSc/MSc in Innovative Technology and Engineering and a PhD in Industrial Engineering & Management Science (Cum laude) from leading AACSB/EFMD accredited universities. His Ph.D thesis (finished within 1 year) was published globally by the prestigious branding bookpublisher John Wiley, check this page. He is author of 20 books published in many authentic governancelanguages by leading publishers and 300 articles in leading journals,  he was also guest professor at MIT Sloan, and he is member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal Training and Management Development Methods (UK), Journal Measuring Business Excellence (UK), the TQM Magazine (UK), Singapore Management Review, and Journal of Testing and Evaluation (USA). Check his interviews in BusinessWeek  video, and  testimonials .

We expect you will find this proposal a wondrous way to broaden your talents and inspire many executives, professionals and students with your new book. We hope that this will be a sufficient incentive to accept this proposal.

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TUA News: TUA graduate from Ghana became author in America based on his PhD dissertation.


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